Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Bullet Points

Just a few things on this lovely dreary Friday..

-I would consider myself to be in the least wounded state that I have been in since oh.... May? My shin/calf FINALLY (after months of futtering around and hundreds of dollars spent at the (amazing) chiropractor) 100%. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

-I do have an inflamed tendon in my left foot but that's no big deal. Running downhill sucks but I can run up hill like a boss.

-I did only run 5 miles in August. Or 30 but who's counting. Terrible either way and very bad for the fitness. Very good for the ice cream consumption though, I imagine that I single handedly kept all the Maine dairy farmers in business. Sometimes I had ice cream twice a day which I most certainly can not do when running!

-September brought me back to reality and I've been working my mileage back up in the right (or wrong, according to the dairy farmers) direction.

-Even thought I have sworn off speed work in order to save my foot from further abuse I have still done a brutal tempo run over hills, a 21:4-something 5K, some 800's at the track and a shorter (but still brisk) tempo run this past week. Good enough.

-Furthermore, apparently I had sworn off long runs as well. For September I did a  wine-soaked 11, and a sweat-drenched 84 degree 15 until last Friday when I sprinted thru 19 with mad skills. UM. I survived- and that's a big deal at this point.

-I've basically been tapering since July so don't plan to in prep for MDI.

-Yes, I'm running MDI. At least I'm not running a full this weekend as well! (like some crazy people.)

-I'm VERY VERY excited to run the Maine Half this weekend. I hope it doesn't pour buckets. I'm not out for speed as I'm using the race as part of a long (ish) run since I'm not tapering!

-And I'm running Boston. STILL EXCITED!!


  1. I'm a huge fan of ice cream consumption. You;ve given me an idea for next month - track number of ice cream treats!!!!

  2. Even with all of the ice cream consumption and the "injury" you are still faster than many - myself included!!!

  3. those damn crazy people. whats wrong with them ;)